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911 6017 'bird habitat 0264 1 bird 12x18 14 cormorants 147photo art 15 birds 1914 metz special speedster 2 american oystercatchers 2 american oystercatchers in flight 2 american oystercatchers inflight 2 birds 2 cormorants 2 cormorants inflight 2 egrets 2 great egrets 21 canadian geese 22 canada geese 2x1 3 amigos 3 birds 3 common terns 3 pink roses 3 seagulls 3 terns 3 tiers 3 trees 3 trees in fog 38th voyage 3x1 4x58x10 5 brants swimming 5 egrets 5 northern shovelers 500px 500px for sale 500px portfolio 500px_download 500px_export 500px_for_sale 500px_prime 500px_print 9 ducklings a j meerwald abbotts abstract adult breeding snowy egret after the hurricane afternoon light agelaius phoeniceus airborne aircraft airplane alone american beech american black duck american black duck ducklings american crow american crow flying american crow in flight american crow inflight american flag american goldfinch american impressionism american oystercatcher american oystercatcher profiles american oystercatchers american oystercatchers in flight american oystercatchers inflight american oystercatchers on beach rock anas clypeata anas platyrhynchos anas rubripes andea alba angry bird angry osprey angry swan animal animals anticipator anticipator sculpture antique cars apple orchard apple tree apple trees apples arbor arch arches architecture ardea alba ardea herodias arid arrival art atlantic ocean attraction audubon austinhealey austinhealey 3000 mark iii austinhealey 3000 mk iii auto auto show autos autumn autumn color available to post avery point azalea baby rabbit back of coneflower back of orange coneflower back porch backwater backyard backyard birds balance bank bare trees barn barn swallow barn swallow in flight barn swallow inflight barn swallows on bridge barns barren beach beach art beach boardwalk connector beach fence beach grass beach rock beach rocks beach roses beach sand beach stones beachscape beak beautiful beauty becoming airborne bee bee in flight bee inflight bella d'ora lillies bench benches betty jane bif bike riders bikes biking bird bird chase bird closeup bird diving bird feeder bird feeding bird fine art bird flying bird in a bush bird in bush bird in flight bird in tree bird inflight bird of prey bird on a branch bird on bush bird portrait bird profiles bird reflection bird seed bird shadow bird silhouettes bird singing bird warbling bird water reflection bird with broken beak birds birds feeding birds in flight birds in flight2 birds in tree birds inflight birds on a wire birds on footbridge birdsinflight black and white black bird black duck black rocks black scoters black scoters in flight black scoters inflight black scoters swimming black wasp blackbird blackcrested titmouse blackcrowned night heron blackheaded grosbeak blizzard blooming blooming away blooming flower blue blue flowers blue hour blue hue blue jay blue sky blue water bluejay bluff blur boardwalk boardwalk connector boat boat dock boats bokeh border collie bouy brackish water branch branches branches entangled brant branta bernicla branta canadensis brants brants in flight brants inflight brants landing in water brants riding the waves brants swimming break break through breaking through breeding plumage breeze bridge bridge abutment bridge railing british sports car broken beak broken seashell broken shell brook brown brown butterfly brown eyed susan brown eyed susans browneyed susan browneyed susans brush brushfooted butterfly brushing bud buddha statue bug building buildings built 1817 bush buteo lineatus butterfly butterfly on flower butterfly on red flower butterfly on wildflower buttonwood farm bw calm camouflage canada canada geese canada geese dup title canada geese family canada geese family swimming canada geese goslings canada geese in flight canada geese inflight canada geese swimming canada goose canada goose canada goose pond geese the pond canada goose feeding canada goose feeding in salt marsh canada goose flying canada goose gosling canada goose in flight canada goose in marsh canada goose in salt marsh canada goose inflight canada goose liftoff canada goose mother canada goose mother and gosling canada goose over water canada goose takeoff canada goose wing canada goose wingspan canadian geese canadian geese in flight canadian geese inflight canadian goose canopy car cardinal carriage carriage house cars carving casmerodius albus castle cat cat portrait catbird cc_top50 ceiling cemetery chalk board chandelier channel chapel charles w. morgan charming chase chasing checkered light cherry parfait cherry parfait rose chestnut chevy chipper chomp chrysanthemum church church steeple city city pier claire de lune class b tall ship classic car classic car convertible classic cars cleanup close formation flying close pursuit closeup cloud cover cloud layers clouds cloudy coast coastal contrast coastline coat cold cold light cold ocean cold ocean water cold sunset cold water collie color colorful colorful flowers colorful ripples colorful vases colors columbine columbus columbus replica ship columbus replica ships columns common flicker common reed common sandpiper common tern common tern on rocks common terns cone flowers coneflower coneflower closeup coneflower macro connecticut connecticut cruise ship task force connecticut state park contemplation contest photo contortionist contrast convertible cookies cool colors cool shade cooper's hawk cormorant cormorant building nest cormorant flying cormorant flyover cormorant in flight cormorant inflight cormorant landing cormorant landing on water cormorant reflection cormorant takeoff cormorant taking off cormorant with grass in beak cormorants cormorants feeding cormorants in flight cormorants inflight corn cornfield corvus brachyrhynchos country countryside courtyard courtyard wall cove covered road cows crab crab dinner cricket crocus crossing crow crow flying cruise ship cruising ct state park cumulous clouds cupula curve curved dirt road curved road curves cygnus olor daffodil daffodil field daffodils daily daisies daisy dam dandelion dandelions danger dark dark clouds dark red and purple chrysanthemum dark sky darkeyed junco darkeyed junco in bush dawn princess dawn princess cruise ship day's end debris decay decaying building december december afternoon december light december sunset decoration decorations deer deer posing deer running deleware bay oyster schooner dental dental hygiene denver deserted beach design desktop desolation dinner dipper dirt road diving diving for crab do not enter dock docks dog dog carrying stick dog owner dog walking door doublecrested cormorant doublecrested cormorant inflight dove drab colors drab field dragonfly dragonfly in flight dreary driftwood dry dry dock dryocopus pileatus duck duck exercises duck family duck family portrait duck on rock ducklike bird duckling exhuberance ducklings ducklings feeding ducks ducks feeding ducks in flight ducks landing ducks swimming dune dune grass dunes dunes grass dunescape earwig east garden easter easter decorations easter egg eastern bank 2015 eastern garter snake eastern kingbird eastern point lighthouse eastern savings bank eating echinacea echinacea closeup echinacea macro eel efex pro 2 egg egret egret closeup egret eating small fish egret eatting eel egret feeding egret fishing egret flying egret in flight egret in the weeds egret inflight egret jumping egret reflection egret takeoff egret water reflection egrets egrets feeding egrets wading egretta thula elegance elegant entangled entrance entwined eolia eolia mansion estuary et2 events exercise exercises exit exploring exposed exuberance eyeball fall fall color fall colors fall foliage fall landscape fall magic fallen leaves falls fan farm faucet feathers feeder feeding female female american black duck female cardinal female humming bird female hummingbird female northern cardinal female northern cardinal fledgling female northern shovelers female pileated woodpecker female redbreasted merganser female redwinged blackbird female towhee fence fenced in fenced in flowers ferry ferry boat ferryboat field field grass field of daffodils field sparrow fields fifteen birds fight filtered light finch fine art firery fish fish dinner fish hawk fisherman fishing fishing boat fishing pole fishing rod five boats. five brants swimming five lesser yellowlegs five mute swans five mute swans swimming five northern shovelers five swans five swans swimming flag flags flasher flicker flight floating flock flock of birds flock of birds in flight flock of birds in tree flock of birds inflight flock of black scoters flock of black scoters in flight flock of black scoters inflight flock of brants flock of brants in flight flock of brants inflight flock of canadian geese flock of geese flock of plovers flocks flood tide florence griswold house florence griswold museum flower flower boxes flower closeup flower garden flower macro flower planter flowering almond flowering shrub flowers flowers in field fluffy clouds flyer flying flying away flying disk flying side by side flyover focus fog fog on the water foggy foggy morning foliage food footbridge ford forlorn formation fort fort trumbull four four birds four canadian geese four canadian geese in flight four canadian geese inflight four ducks fourteen cormorants fourth of july rose fragrance frenzy frisbee frolick frolicking fruit full moon fyw_landscapes fyw_latest fyw_main fyw_sell garage garden garden buddha garden gate garden statue garden wall garter snake gate geese geese in flight geranium ghost ghost ship glance glancing up glossy ibis glossy ibis fishing glossy ibis flying glossy ibis in flight glossy ibis inflight glossy ibises glossy ibises flying glossy ibises in flight glossy ibises inflight glow goblette goblin goblins going south golden hour golden hour light goose gosling gosling and adult goslings graceful graceful flyer granular grass gravestone gray catbird great blue heron great blue heron feeding great blue heron fishing great blue heron flying great blue heron in flight great blue heron inflight great egret great egret closeup great egret feeding great egret fishing great egret in flight great egret inflight great egret jumping great egret landing great egret refelction great egret reflection great egret shadow great egret spreading wings great egret takeoff great egret water reflection great egret with fish great egrets great egrets frolicking great egrets side by side great heron greater yellowlegs greater yellowlegs liftoff green green and yellow green doors green garage green heron green heron in flight green heron inflight green on yellow green shutters green tiled roof green to red greeters grosbeak groton ct ground groundhog groundhog running guidance gull gull wings gulllike bird gulllike birds gulp gulping habitat haematopus palliatus hairraising haley farm halfmast halloween hand rails happiness happy happy dog happy duck happy landing happy squirrel harbor harkess memorial park harkness harkness fishing harkness memorial garden harkness memorial park harkness tree with bench harkness wildlife harkness_for_sale harmony harness memorial park haulin oats hauling oats hawk hawklike birds hay hay and straw heading south heliotropes heron herring gull herring gull in flight herring gull inflight high speed ferry highlight highlighted seagull hill hills hirundo rustica historic hk_landscapes hk_sell holmberg's orchard home horse and carriage horses horses and carriage hot summer day hotel hover hummingbird hummingbird feeder hummingbird in flight hummingbirds humor hupmobile hut hybrid tea rose hydrangea hydrangea bush hydrangea flower hydrangea leaves hygiene ibis ibis flying ibis in flight ibis inflight ibis silhouettes ibises ibises flying ibises in flight ibises inflight ice ice cream image of love in a line in flight in the clouds indecision indian leap inlet insect insect on flower insects intersection iris irises island issue ivy jagged jagged wildflower japanese thread leaf maple jet julia child rose kayak kayakers kayaks keywords_added killdeer kingbird kite kite flying knockout rose landing landing pad landscape landscapes lane larus argentatus late afternoon light late bloomers late georgian style mansion latimer reef lighthouse launch lawn layers leader leaf leap leaps leaves leaves turning leaving ledge light lesser yellowlegs lesser yellowlegs flying lesser yellowlegs in flight lesser yellowlegs inflight libby lieutenant river lift off liftoff light light bulbs light fixture light pattern light wind lightdark lighthouse lillies lily lily pad limb lines lineup litter log lone goose lone tulip long island sound long island sound ocean long lacy plumes longlegged wader longlegged waders love low tide lumbering lumbering along lunch machine machinery macro magic male male cardinal male osprey male purple finch mallard mallard duck mallard ducks mansion mansion wall marauder march marigold marigolds marine bird marine birds marsh marsh grass marsh grass water reflection mason's island masts mathhew geller sculpture matthew geller mccartney rose melospiza melodia memorial day merganser mergus serrator metz mid afternoon midair collision migrating migration million dollar view mimus polyglottos mirror image mocking bird mockingbird mohegan park monarch butterfly monochrome moon moonlight moonlight flight moored boats moored sailboats mooring morning morning fog mother duck mother duck and ducklings motion motion blur mourning dove moving water mud bank mud flat muddy pond mudflat mudflats mum museum muskrat mussel mustang mute swams swimming mute swan mute swan flying mute swan in flight mute swan inflight mute swan reflection mute swan taking off mute swan water reflection mute swans mute swans in flight mute swans inflight mystic mystic connecticut mystic ct mystic river mystic seaport name carved in tree name carving national historic landmark natural natural area preserve natural art natural habitat natural pattern natural symmetry nature nature preserve nautical nautical signal flags nest new england new england city new england coast new england house new england stone walls new lens new london new london ct new london ledge light newlens nikon contest nikon14_15 nikonians nina nine ducklings no fishing no left turn no parking no parking sign no person no swimming no traps north american tp51c mustang northern cardinal fledgling northern mocking bird northern mockingbird northern mockingbird on branch northern shovelers northern shovelers swimming norwegian queen norwich norwich ct norwich harbor norwich marina nut nymphalidae oak oak leaf oak tree oars ocean ocean activities ocean and sky ocean bird ocean birds ocean blue ocean breeze ocean rocks ocean view oceanscape oceanside old building old garage one goose one tulip opsail2012ct orange orange and black butterfly orange and brown orange butterfly orange color orange coneflower orange flowers orange marigolds orange sky orange tiger lily orange yellow flowers orange zinnia orchard ornaments osprey osprey building nest osprey carrying fish osprey catches fish osprey crashes osprey diving osprey diving for fish osprey eating osprey eating fish osprey fishing osprey flying osprey flying with fish osprey hits water osprey hovering osprey in flight osprey in tree osprey in treetop osprey in water osprey inflight osprey nest osprey prelude osprey submerged osprey surfacing osprey tree sequence osprey tree sequence subset osprey wings ospreys outlier overlook. owner oystercatcher oystercatcher with mussell oystercatchers p51 p51 taxiing p51c mustang pair of brants pair of egrets pair of swans pair of tulips pale fog pale pink rose pandion haliaetus pano panorama panoramic parking passerby pastel pasture path pattern patterns pea soup peaceful pedestrian walk peeling bark peeling trees pegola peony peony claire de lune perching bird perching birds perennial perennials perfect couple perfect pink perfect red rose perseverance person pets petunia phalacrocorax auritus photogenic tree photography phyciodes tharos pi picked out picnic picnic spot picnic table picturesque pile of railroad ties pileated woodpecker pileated woodpecker in tree. female pileated woodpecker in tree pilings pillars pine trees pink pink azalea pink car pink classic car pink flower pink geranium pink geranium plant pink rose pink rose bush pink roses pink thunderbird pink thunderbird convertible pinta places plant plants playful plegadis falcinellus plover plovers plow plumage pond pond grass pond ripples pondscape porch portico pose posing power boat power boats powerboat premature fall preserve preset presetbw contrast low princess cruise lines printed private jet profile shot ps_portfolio purple purple azalea purple finch purple finch in snow purple flowers purple garden purple petunia purple sandpipers pursuit quaint queen elizabeth rose rabbit racoon railings railroad railroad arch railroad bridge railroad station railroad structures railroad ties railroad tracks railroad trestle raptor ravishing red ravishing red rose ravishing red roses reaching out rear window red and pink flower red and white rose red azalea red berries red bird red collar red flowers red hicontrast filter red rose red roses red striped rose red tops red tulip red tulips red white and blue red wildflowers redbreasted merganser redbreasted mergansers redbreasted mergansers in flight redbreasted mergansers inflight redshouldered hawk redtailed hawk redwinged blackbird reflection reflections refreshing relaxation relaxing remembrance replica replica ship replica ships reptile rescue boats resized rest rest area retriever rhode island rigging riplets ripples rising moon river river birch trees road road_pics roads roadway robin rock rocks rocky neck rocky shore rolling hills roma tomato romantic romantic swans rope rose rose breasted grosbeak rose bud rose bud and rose rose buds rose bush rose garden rose portrait rosebreasted grosbeak roses rot rowers rowing rugged rugged coastline running runway rural rustic rusty blackbird sabino sailboat sailboat silhouettes sailboat water reflection sailboats sailboats at rest sailing sailing ship sailing ships sailing vessel sales salt marsh salt marsh channel salt marsh grass salt marsh marsh salt water sand sand bar sand dune sand dunes sand dunes fence sand riplets sanderling sanderlings sandpiper sandpiperlike birds sandpipers savannah sparrow scape scapes scenic scenic view schooner scraggly scrub jay sculpture sea sea breeze sea grass sea trial seabed seabird seabirds seagrass seagull seagull carrying toothbrush seagull chasing osprey seagull diving seagull eating crab seagull flying seagull hygiene seagull in flight seagull inflight seagull taking off seagull with broken beak seagull with brush seagull with toothbrush seagull's eyeball seagull's wing seagull.birds seagulls seagulls.birds seaport searching searching for fish seascape seascape. rocks seashell seashore season seasons seaweed seaweed covered beach rock seaweed covered rock seaweed on sand secluded segulls seqgull shack shade shade tree shade trees shaded walkway shades of blue shadow shape shell ship ship's rigging ships shore shore bird shorebird shoreline shoveler show off shrub shutterfly shutters side by side sidewalk sign signal flags signs signsofthetimes silhouette silhouettes singing single file single goose single tulip sinking six brants six canadian geese six canadian geese inflight six pack size skimming skimming pond skimming the beach skittish skunk cabbage sky skyhigh slide smell a flower smiling squirrel smugmug smugmug_export smugmug_fyw snake snow snow covered branches snow covered leaves snow covered leaves on trees snow covered sand dune snow covered tree snow covered tree branches snow covered trees snow on branches snow plow snow storm snowbank snowscape snowstorm snowy egret snowy egret eating fish snowy egret eatting eel snowy egret feeding snowy egret fishing snowy egret flying snowy egret in breeding plumage snowy egret in flight snowy egret inflight snowy egret jumping snowy egret landing snowy egret portrait snowy egret preening snowy egret standing on one leg snowy egret takeoff snowy egret walking snowy egret water reflection snowy egrets snowy egrets inflight soaring soil song sparrow song sparrow in tree song sparrow on a branch song sparrow on branch song sparrow perched in tree south sparkiling blue sparkling sparkling blue sparkling ocean sparkling water sparrow sparrow in snow sparrow in tree sparrow on branch sparrow perched in tree speckled speckled cloud spider spider web spigot spiral spiral staircase splash sports car spray spray tug boat spreading wings spring spring flowers squirrel squirrel eating squirrel eating tortilla chip squirrel in snow squirrel in snowstorm squirrel portrait squirrel smelling flower squirrel with chestnut stacked stages staircase stairs stance standing in line state of connecticut state park state park stationary flight statue steamboat steeple stepping stones steps sterna hirundo still life stone wall stone walls stonewall stonework stop stop sign ahead storm straw street striped rose strolling strong wind stumps sub submarine submittal summer summer day sun soaked sunbeam sunflower sunflower field sunflower portrait sunflowers sunflowers.scape.landscape sunlight sunset sunset silhouettes surf swallow swamp swan swan in flight swan inflight swan reflection swan taking off swan walking swan walking on mudflat swan water reflection swans swans flying swans in flight swans inflight swans swimming swans together swim swimming symmetry synchronized flying table take off takeoff taking off tall grass tall ship tall trees talons taxiing tea rose tenderness tern tern in flight tern on rocks terns texture texture levels textures thames river the nina the pond thick fog thinking three bridges three canadian geese three canadian geese goslings three goslings three goslings swimming three rocks three tiers three trees thunderbird thunderbird convertible tidal creek tidal flats tidal marsh tidal wetland tide tiers tiger tiger lilies tiger lily tight formation titmouse tomato tongue toothbrush tourism tow away zone tow zone towaway towaways towhee towhee in natural habitat towing town hall tracks tractor tractor exit trail tranquillity transportation trash travel tree tree branch tree branches tree canopy tree limb tree over hill tree reflections tree shadow tree trunk tree trunks treeclinging bird treeline trees trees reflected on water treescape treetop treetops tresle tringa melanoleuca trio triple decker truck trumbull tufted titmouse tufted titmouse in snowstorm tufted titmousen on bush tug tug boat tug boats tugs tulip tulip pair tulip tenderness tulips turkey turkey vulture turn turtle twenty six canadian geese twenty six canadian geese inflight twenty two canada geese twilight two american oystercatchers two american oystercatchers in flight two american oystercatchers inflight two birds two brants two brants in flight two canadian geese two clouds two cormorants two cormorants in flight two cormorants inflight two ducks two ducks in flight two egrets two great egrets two great egrets flying two mourning doves two mute swans two mute swans flying two mute swans inflight two mute swans swimming together two ospreys two red tulips two redbreasted mergansers two swans two swans flying two swans in flight two swans inflight two tall trees two trees two tulips tyrannus tyrannus under sail union station upper falls uprightperching water bird uprightperching water birds uscgc barque eagle valentine's day vantage point vases vegetable vegetation vibrancy vibrant vibrant garden vibrant green vicissitude of seasons vicissitude of winter vines vista wading bird walk walking walking dog walkway wall wall flowers walls warbling warm warm colors warm light warm summer colors wasp watching water water bird water birds water droplets water drops water faucet water landing water reflection water reflections water trail waterbird waterfall waterford beach waterford ct waterfowl watering wave wave action waves wavy weather web image wedding wedding guest transportation weeds weeping willow wet floor wetland wetland vegetation wetlands whale boat whaleboat whaleboats whaling city whaling ship white egret white flowers white flowers with yellow center white rose whitecaps whitethroated sparrow whitethroated sparrow in snow wild wild baby rabbit wild bird habitat wild flowers wild life wild rabbit wild thing wild turkey wildflower wildflowers wildlife wildlife area wildlife preserve wind window windswept windswept grass wing wing strengthening wings wingspan wink winking winter winter day winter storm winter wren winterscape wires wolf wood wood chips wood railing woodchuck wooden boats wooden footbridge woodpecker woodpecker in tree woods woods reflected on water woodscape wren wwii wwii aircraft wwii airplane wwii fighter yacht yantic river yard yard ornaments yellow yellow butterfly yellow daffodils yellow flower yellow flowers yellow petunia yellow rose yellow rose bud yellow wildflower yellowlegs yellowlegs liftoff yield zinnia
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