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  • Goshen Cove in Fog

    A winter fog hangs over Goshen Cove. It is February and the temperature rocketed to 60 degrees creating thick fog. An hour before I shot this photo, none of the trees in the foreground were visible. Now it is golden hour, the fog is slowly lifting and the sun is starting to break through from the west on the left.

  • There is always Hope

    A spring flower brightens a dismal staircase.

  • Angel Wings

    Snowy Egret juveniles are fun to photograph. They are very active and provide great action shots like displaying perfect angel wings.

  • Very Busy Osprey 2018

    The Ospreys and many other birds are back at the salt marsh for another high activity season of building nests, mating, fishing and fighting over food and territory. This Osprey is circling the salt marsh looking for a fish for his mate.

  • Swaying in the Breeze

    A gentle wind moving a stalk of wetland grass (Common Reed) from side to side.

  • After Diving for a Fish 2 (Vertical)

    An Osprey coming up out of the water after diving for fish. It did not catch the fish.

  • After Diving for a Fish 2

    An Osprey coming up out of the water after diving for fish. It did not catch the fish.

  • Sailboat Mast Reflections

    Print now on exhibit at the Mystic Museum of Art, 9 Water Street in Mystic CT. ©2018 Paul Sikorski

  • Amphitheatre

    Occasional wedding ceremonies are held in this amphitheater during the spring and summer. It's a beautiful spot in all seasons and there are always people stopping by to enjoy it. This seasonal view is late October.

  • Snowy Egret At The Salt Marsh

    A Snowy Egret (Egretta thula) wades through a salt marsh looking for small fish.

  • New London Ledge Light 1

    East view in March.

  • Cormorant Abstract

    A Cormorant had just lifted out of the water and the top half of the bird slipped out of my frame as I clicked the shutter. I did have a good shot of the water reflection and I liked the abstract look. I flipped the water reflection vertically in Lightroom and cropped the half image of the bird out of the picture. The Cormorant has a fish in its beak but it doesn’t show well in the water reflection.

  • The Dipper

    A Great Egret dips into the muddy water of a shallow pond for food.

  • Great Egret Portrait 1

    Great Egret (Ardea alba)

  • The Fish Hawk

    An Osprey (Pandion haliaetus) comes up out of the water after catching a fish. Photographed in the spring of 2017.

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