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For Yer Wall Sampler

  • Rounding Ledge Light

    Charles W. Morgan being towed from Mystic Seaport to New London rounds New London Ledge Light.

  • After Diving for a Fish 2

    An Osprey coming up out of the water after diving for fish. It did not catch the fish.

  • Sparkling Blue

    A flock of Brants skim the surface of a sparkling blue ocean.

  • Aerodynamically Sleek

    Cormorant in flight.

  • The Arch

    Trash strewn railroad track meanders through arch disappearing past a pile of railroad ties into the woods.

  • Wind-lashed

    It was overcast and windy when I went down to the saltmarsh. Strong gusts of wind made it hard to keep my camera steady. The few birds there were hunkered down below the marsh grass on the mudflats.

  • Swaying in the Breeze

    A gentle wind moving a stalk of wetland grass (Common Reed) from side to side.

  • Goshen Cove in Fog

    A winter fog hangs over Goshen Cove. It is February and the temperature rocketed to 60 degrees creating thick fog. An hour before I shot this photo, none of the trees in the foreground were visible. Now it is golden hour, the fog is slowly lifting and the sun is starting to break through from the west on the left.

  • Great Colorful Egret Takeoff

    ©2018 Paul Sikorski I was walking through the woods along the perimeter of a salt marsh and happened to look through the trees and spotted this Great Egret (Ardea alba) standing in the water against this colorful background. Luckily, there was enough unobstructed space through the trees for a clear shot. I shot a few frames of the egret struting around and captured this image when it decided to takeoff.

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