Just Harkness - Paul Sikorski

Harkness Memorial Park

Just Harkness

  • Arches

    Back porch of a mansion.

  • Amphitheatre

    Occasional wedding ceremonies are held in this amphitheater during the spring and summer. It's a beautiful spot in all seasons and there are always people stopping by to enjoy it. This seasonal view is late October.

  • Benches

    Two benches to relax and view the ocean.

  • Contrast

    Autumn sun shines on beach boardwalk connector at an angle displaying patterns and light/dark wood contrast.

  • The Fisherman

    Portrait of a Snowy Egret feeding in a salt marsh.

  • Natural Symmetry

    I spotted these 3 Common Terns standing on a mudflat. They were motionless, in a straight line, equidistant from one another and all looking in the same direction. It was great natural symmetry.

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