Harkness Memorial Park Landscapes

  • A Dearth of Birds

    There were hardly any birds at the salt marsh today so I resorted to a landscape. Another good scene for an artist but there were none around either. This is a northerly view at low tide. The ocean is about a quarter of a mile behind the camera.

  • Color in a Drab Field

    Red berries add some color to a drab autumn environment.

  • Flood Tide at the Salt Marsh

    It is just past low tide and the water is flowing in from the ocean which is on the other side of the sand dunes.

  • FIeld of Clouds

    Clouds roll in off the ocean. The ocean is just beyond the treeline on the other side of the sand dunes.

  • Scraggly

    A Red-winged Blackbird sits atop the scaggly tree in this scraggly field.

  • Hot, Humid and Colorful

    Summer is coming to a close. The fields are turning golden yellow. It's September 1st and hot, humid and colorful at the salt marsh. The morning bird activity has stopped. At times like this, I focus on the landscape.

  • First Spring Day in the Field

    Cold, windy, partly cloudy, no tree buds nor Spring flowers anywhere.

  • Over the Hill

    Have you ever wondered what's on the otherside of a hill?

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