On Walks - Paul Sikorski

On Walks

Mostly, the people I meet while walking around taking photos, are folks out walking the trails and beaches exercising their dogs. In early spring, late fall and winter, their dogs can run free. All other times they must be on leash. Here are some photos of man's best friends. 

  • One Happy Dog

    I believe this is one of the happiest looking dogs I've met walking around taking photos.

  • Waiting but...

    Waiting for his owner to catch up but...

  • ...in a Hurry

    ...circles back to urge his owner to stop chatting with me and continue their walk.

  • Retrieving Stick

    Retrieving stick on a romp at the beach.

  • Frisbee Workout

    Border Collie playing Frisbee on the beach takes a short break to catch her breath.

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