New Additions - Paul Sikorski
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The Fish Hawk Flying Inbound with a Fish (Frame 40)

When I see a distant bird flying toward me while it is still a speck in the sky, I track it in hope that the bird will fly straight in giving me an opportunity for some great shots. Too often, it veers left, or right, or turns around or lands in the salt marsh too far out for a good shot. Occasionally though, a bird will come straight in. It’s a bonus when the bird is an Osprey, a double bonus when it's flying slow and low and a triple bonus when it has a fish. It becomes a jackpot when it's all the above plus a full frontal shot at treetop level and the bird flies directly overhead. I hit the jackpot just after noon when this Osprey caught this good-sized fish far out in the salt marsh. When I picked it out in the sky and started tracking it, the Osprey had just caught the fish and was gaining altitude with the fish dangling from one claw backwards (head back, tail forward). Ospreys always position a fish inflight head forward, tail back for aerodynamic efficiency. I started shooting as the Osprey repositioned the fish, grabbed it with its two claws, flew overhead and gave me 50 amazing shots.

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